Riesling & Co. Kopenhagen 2018

After a great visit at Riesling & Co. in Amsterdam in 2017, we are happy to join Riesling & Co. 2018 this year in Kopenhagen. At 10th April, a bunch of great German winemakers come together at Skuespilhuset (Royal Danish Playhouse) and show you their best wines and also some previews of the upcoming new collection. I will be joining the presentation and bring with me some great stuff from our new vintage 2017.

Like in Amsterdam, every winemaker presents six of his wines out of his own portfolio. Besides our Riesling Ortswein 2016, we also present wines from the upcoming collection 2017 Sauvingon Blanc, Scheurebe and Weißburgunder.  We are also happy to present two completely new wines which come along with a completely new design. See you in Kopenhagen!

Our philosophy in winemaking

“You cannot overtake someone by stepping into his footprints.” – Francois Truffaut

True to the motto you cannot overtake someone by stepping into his footprints by Francois Truffaut, you have to break the traditions to create an even better future. This does of course not mean to forget the existing but rather to use it as a framework for limits and opportunities: the footprints already have the right direction – forwards. A mixture between existing and new, between old and young, between experience and innovation are the guarantors for development and progress.


Politcally, Rheinhessen has always been in between the nations – but the grapevines remained faithfully. Today, Rheinhessen is shaped by the people living here, their culture and ideals.

Rheinhessen is viniculture

Future in Rheinhessen means tackling the challenges and getting started. Rheinhessen is moving – the whole region is changing. It is all about identity, about origin and about looking ahead. In Heraklis words: “The only constant is change.”